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Clearing AHA 10(해외배송 가능상품)

Clearing AHA 10

개인결제창을 통한 결제 시 네이버 마일리지 적립 및 사용이 가능합니다.

Peeling product for specialist “AHA 10% peel”

Mild AHA 10% exfoliates and controls excessive sebum secretion. It is a soft cream type peel
cleaner which takes care of all skin type including sebum and trouble skin.

Principle of Action

- This product of cream type peel cleanser consists of the smallest particles of AHA.
So, this peeling product takes care of trouble and sensitive skin as well as all skin type.
After peeling and helps skin retain moisture.

How to use

Gently massage on damp, cleansed skin for 10minutes. Avoid the eye area.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Both source of nutriment and elimination of waste function at the same time.
In case of ageing and dark skin, we recommend to use it twice a week and then make
skin tone brighter and clearer.

Suggested Skin Types

Pigmentation, Sebum, Freckle, Murky skin tone

Troubled skin, Wrinkle, declined elasticity